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HCC was born out of a desire to make a positive impact in people's lives post Christchurch earthquakes of September 2010 & February 2011. 

Going on our own life style transformation journey while living in Queensland between August & November 2012. We returned home for a family event in Dec 2012 & saw the effects the earthquakes had on our family & friends weren't really taking care of their health & wellbeing and were putting all their focus into their family instead. We knew we could make a difference and made the big decision to pack up and move back to Christchurch. 

Our first major goal was to create a programme that was fun yet challenging while offering a service in a supportive, caring & uplifting environment. We originally ran group training sessions on Saturday & Sunday mornings, we did this to try a break the habit created around binge drinking. They would need to make a decision to either get on it and be hung over the next day or stay clean to get up for training in the morning. 

We operate a fully mobile gym service throughout Christchurch as well as co-ordinate health, wellbeing & nutrition work shops with other health professionals that are passionate about helping people.

In September 2017 we opened our very own HCC HQ(gym). This has been a vision for a very long time and by having this space we can now provide the types of services we have been wanting to deliver at our own discretion. We offer Group Training, Weight Training, PT one on one training, run youth fitness programmes, host sports clubs, run health and wellbeing work shops and anything else that can benefit the wider community. This has been a long journey and not without it's hurdles but the pain and effort has definitely be worth it now that we are fully operational.




"If you have access to something that can dramatically change an individuals life for better, including the positive impact that it has on their whanau and friends share it."  - Koren Hale Co-Founder HCC

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Koren (Manu) Hale        

New Zealand National Certificate in Fitness Level 3, Certificate in Personal Training Level 4, CFAK KettleBell Skills Level 1

Married to Corey with 5 beautiful children aged 16yrs Jahquinn, 13yrs Myka, 7yrs Rialian, 4yrs Jae'l and 8 months old Tiria Felicity. 

I was born in Christchurch and raised in Aranui. Being physically active most of my life, my parents had me involved in team sports from the age of 3.  

Later on in life after a personal journey through depression, then transforming my lifestyle in 2012 it was a natural progression to gain my PT qualifications. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives through physical fitness, health & wellbeing.  

One of my long term goals is to study nutritional medicine as I believe in using nutrition as a preventative tool for most of today's common diseases.

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Corey Hale

New Zealand & Australian National Certificate in Fitness Level 3 & Certificate in Personal Training Level 4, CFAK KettleBell Skills Level 1

Born and raised on the westside of Christchurch, I was brought up into an active family and was involved in as many sports as possible as a youth . I represented Canterbury in most of the sports I participated in but it was Rugby League where I excelled. I represented New Zealand in junior grades and also at a secondary school level and ultimately lead me to a stint with Australian Rugby League Club the Penrith Panthers. Injuries would be my downfall though and ended up cutting my career short in my early 20’s. My focus shifted at this point and health and well being was the furthest thing from my mind.

It wasn’t until later in life after many years of neglect and a wee bit of soul searching health & fitness would become a priority again and lead my life on a whole new journey.  My wife Koren (Manu) & I decided to transform our lifestyles and have never looked back. Today we have 5 beautiful children and run an ever growing health & fitness programme from which we work to help those who are also looking to transform their lives,  not only for themselves but for their whānau too.

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Elishia Manihera

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Why I love being a trainer/coach is because I am apart of someone's improvement in quality of life. 

Whether that be because I helped the individual move soundly, lose weight, or gain strength etc I get to share in their achievements and success which is what I find most fulfilling and rewarding. 

You have to care about those you train and in my opinion you can't fake caring. I know those I train also know I care about them beyond training.

They become a part of my circle of give a damns. I am proud to say this. 

"No reira Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe he manga teitei"

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Karla (Hewi) Hewitson

New Zealand Certificate in Personal Training Level 4, NZIFH Registered Fitness Consultant

I come from an Italian and Scottish heritage. I was born in Dunedin and spent the majority of my childhood years growing up in Alexandra, Central Otago.   

After a move to Christchurch, Canterbury as a teenager it’s fair to say I am now a converted and loyal Cantabrian.

Being a trainer for me is incredibly rewarding.  I love being able to play a part in helping people reach their health and fitness goals.  Witnessing someone with a huge sense of achievement glowing from their face when they push themselves to limits and beyond what they thought was possible - is magic.    

My short term goal was to complete my Certificate in Personal Training with the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness.   Long term, I would love to expand my knowledge of Strength Training, Kettlebells and Mobility.